For the President

For the President

декември 28, 2021

Address of Mr. Angel Dimitrov , President of the Organization of Employers of Macedonia


Dear colleagues and partners ,

Allow me first to thank you for this election. I am honored that on the meeting held on the 21st of June, 2012 I was elected with acclamation. All my efforts and the whole work that I ‘ve been doing for 5 years for this Organization (as a Member of the Management Board, and 4 years as a Deputy President) not only helped the organization but also made it more successful. I’m glad that you are aware of that and this election came to me as a great support and recognition for my dedication to OEM.

From the very beginning as I entered in this organization I gave my best in creating economic and social policies, as well as economy development and conducting the social dialogue on bipartite and tripartite level in order to improve the business environment. Since, I was Deputy President for 4 years , I am completely familiar with the organization’s working .

Now as your president, I am prepared to meet the employers’ requirements. Thereto we can create the policies by achieving a consensus for economy’s prosperity.

I have been working for 28 years as a manager and for 4 years as a delegate in the Macedonian Assembly . This is a kind of affirmation for the competence of performing this function and meeting the stipulated goals in order to become well-established social partner competent to strengthen the social dialogue with the trade unions and the government . Moreover we can intensify the cooperation with the other partners in our country and abroad.

From now on, we can count on the transparency in the working, and OEM’s importance as a social partner which will be our future guideline. Our work corresponds to the needs and requirements of the society, striving to achieve the Euro Integration process of our country. I can only promise you that during my mandate things will become only better, to the limits of my capacities I will be at your service and the service of our organization.