Strengthening the capacities of ORM on the way to EU (March 2011-March 2012)

Strengthening the capacities of ORM on the way to EU (March 2011-March 2012)

декември 28, 2021


Providing greater ORM capacity and raising public awareness on the employers role as social partners in the EU accession process, in order ORM to become a professional body and competent social partner able to handle the demands and challenges of the social dialogue at national and EU level and contribute to achieving the strategic country’s objectives from the economic and social sphere.
– Support for building ORMs’ place in the society and its role of a social partner representing the employers within the EU integration process, through learning from the Slovak experience;
– Better visibility and image of ORM among the business sector and the civil society as recognized social partner for bipartite negotiations with the trade unions and as organization that is part of the Economic and Social Council;
– Setting up a mechanism for continuous and active delivery and exchange of information among ORMs members, the other social partners, the civil administration, the EU member states and the European Commission.


Primary target group:
•    ORM members and potential members
•    ORM Decision and opinion makers
•    ORM professional service officers
•    Professionals involved in social dialogue
•    Potential Trainers
Secondary target group:
•    Medias, other associatations and social partners, government bodies and the local self-governemnt
•    Raised public awareness of the employers role in the EU integration process
•    Database of members, potential members
•    Defined ORM services and enhanced professional approach in communication with the public
•    Guide / Strategy for Sustainable Development of ORM
•    Staffing and technical equipping of ORM
•    12 Events:  5 in Skopje, Strumica, Prilep, Bitola, Kumanovo, Tetovo, Sveti Nikole, final conference in Skopje
•    Preparation of 3 quarterly electronic newsletters
•    Publication of a brochure “The role of employers in the EU”
•    Preparation of Global Service Strategy for ORM
•    Communication Strategy and Action Plan

The results of the project will have an equally beneficial effect for ORM as for the European Commission progress reports regarding the situation of the social dialogue in the country and the functioning of the social partners.

Project financed by the European Delegation in the ORM with grant agreement IPA 2011/260-944