PROJECT: Increasing ORMs’ capacities on the way to EU

PROJECT: Increasing ORMs’ capacities on the way to EU

PROJECT: Increasing ORMs’ capacities on the way to EU
декември 28, 2021

In order to contribute to the efforts at national level and to strengthen its capacities teh Organization of Employers of Macedonia in the period March 2011 – February 2012, will implement the project – Increasing ORMs’ capacities on the way to EU – with financial support from the European Delegation in the Republic of Macedonia. The activities in the next period will be implemented in partnership with the Regional Development Agency Senec – Pezinok from Slovakia.

The project will provide increased capacity of ORM and raised public awareness about the place and the role of the employers in the society in the pre-accession process. The aim being ORM to become a professional body and competent social partner able to handle the demands and challenges of the social dialogue at national and EU level and to contribute in achieving the strategic objectives of the country’s economic and social sphere. Activities will be aimed at providing:

– Support for building the place of ORM in the society and its role of social partner representing employers within the EU integration process, through learning from the Slovak experience;

– Better visibility and image of ORM among the business sector and the civil society as recognized social partner for conducting negotiations and collective bargaining with the Trade Unions and as an organization that is part of the Economic and Social Council;

– Setting up a mechanism for continuous and active delivery and exchange of information among ORM members, the other social partners, the civil administration, the EU member states and the European Commission.


The results of the project will have an equally beneficial effect for ORM and on the European Commission reports on the situation of the social dialogue in the country and the functioning of the social partners.