Only the employers, but also the citizens, can save the pension

Only the employers, but also the citizens, can save the pension

Only the employers, but also the citizens, can save the pension
декември 28, 2021

TV Telma, an intervju

The rescue of the fund for PIOM- Pension Fond should not fall only on the back of the businessmen, but in filling the hole in which the pension fund is sinking, the workers should participate. The employers do not accept either to increase the contribution or the age limit, as this will increase the costs of the companies and will inevitably include the wages and the number of employees. It is not logical if the state exempts the companies from the TIDZ- Foreign Investors Zone for 10 years now our companies to charge it, says Angel Dimitrov,prezident from the Organization of Employers of Macedonia.

The government is mostly financed by VAT, which means that citizens through VAT should participate in filling the hole and not just the companies.

Is there a need and conditions for such changes should be the result of long and thorough analyzes, says Mr. Dimitrov, because in an attempt to save the fund for PIOM, in the end, the victim could be the economy. It can happen, wanting to improve the fund, reduce the number of workers, discourage new entrepreneurs from opening up new companies and employ, young people go and thus destroy the economy, said Dimitrov

Trade unions require that besides the age, the basis for retirement be the completed work experience, while the workers in the construction, mining and textiles will have the benefit of a job. The PIOM solution should be sought in reducing the gray economy and increasing the number of workers

“Take measures to reduce the informal economy and unregistered salaries to prevent the emigration of highly educated young people. Need is greater productivity for higher wages. We do not agree with unrealistic and non-objective increases in pensions, but we support a gradual increase in the age limit for retirement, “the SSM-Trade Union said.

Experts, however, are decisive that the burden of pension reform should be divided between generations for a period of 5-10 years, but mostly fall on businessmen.

“The grants are paid by the workers through the gross salary. The lowering of the contributions did not increase the salary, but the profits,” tax adviser Paul Gacov said.

The reform should be combined, by sharing the burden and the application to be scaled and gradually said Blagica Petreski from the organization “Finance Think”

For the payment of pensions this year will be spent 880 million euros from which the Fund covers barely a half and the rest are transferred from the central budget. The PIOM hole began to increase by introducing the second pension pillar and by reducing the contributions and then deepening with the inadequate increase in pensions. If pensions grew according to the law, the analyzes indicate that the PIOM deficit would be lower by 35%.


Violeta Z Stojanovska