Јавен повик за Маркетинг агенција која би изработоила комуникациска стратегија за националниот Економско социјален совет

Јавен повик за Маркетинг агенција која би изработоила комуникациска стратегија за националниот Економско социјален совет

декември 28, 2021

The project consists of three interlinked components, designed to address challenges which national tripartite actors are currently facing in a coherent and complementary manner:
Component 1: Enhancing tripartite social dialogue on national and local level
This component focuses on capacity building activities to be delivered by the ILO technical specialists along with practitioners from EU member states (MS) on topics such as wage fixing in the public sector, minimum wage setting and its relation to the informal economy, employment relationship, social security reforms, active labour market policies, youth employment, collective bargaining benefits including wage-productivity linkage among others to the members of the ESC and its permanent secretariat. The project will also facilitate the creation of an external “pool” of technical expertise the ESC will be able to draw on in order to expand its research scope.

Component 2: Encouraging collective bargaining and setting sectoral collective bargaining infrastructures
This component of the project will enhance the capacity of both the government and the social partners to increase the effectiveness of collective bargaining. Measures will be devised and implemented with ILO assistance in the framework of a national tripartite Action Plan.

Technical capacity of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy to pro-actively perform its key functions to promote collective bargaining including the setting of enabling regulatory and institutional frameworks will be strengthened. At the same time, the capacity of employers’ organizations and trade unions to negotiate effectively and to reach out to potential members will be reinforced. The latter will be achieved through implementation of a training programme on how to effectively engage in collective bargaining targeting employers’ and workers’ organizations at national and sectoral level.
Component 3: Establishing an operational amicable settlement of labour disputes
Under this component, the project will assist in the establishment of an operational and cost-effective mechanism for amicable settlement of labour disputes, and will support the creation and training of a roster of specialised labour mediators/conciliators. Once implemented, the new mechanism is expected to support the social partners in preventing and resolving disputes arising in the process of collective bargaining.

Call for expression of interest within Activity 1.4.1: Establishment of communication strategy for Economic and Social Council

The present call for expression of interest aims at prospecting marketing agencies, who will be interested in contributing to the design of communication strategy for Economic and Social Council in coordination with the project team and with Ms Cristina Mihes, ILO Senior Specialist in Social Dialogue and Labour Law.
Marketing Agencies interested in completing assignment detailed below are encouraged to submit their applications:

Activity    Task details    Time frame    Estimated number of months
1.4.1    -Establishment of communication strategy for improved visibility of the Economic and Social Council      June 2015 till September 2015    4 months

Time frame
The campaign will be organized and implemented between second half of June 2015 and end of September 2015 with the assistance and services provided by a specialized company.

Conditions for eligibility
The service providing company herein “Contractor”, should be:
–    A legal commercial entity with full authorization to provide services in the requested field
–    Provided with sufficient human resources for undertaking the assumed tasks in due time and at agreed prices
–    Provided with sufficient infrastructure (owned or contracted) for designing, producing and providing goods or services related to the present ToR in time and places agreed with the beneficiary
–    Experienced in the field of communication by hard and electronic means and with a relevant portfolio matter related.
–    Provided with resources to communicate in English with the Managing team of the Project and ILO and EC representatives.
–    The Contractor must be a formal employer, with no criminal or fiscal records and with a stable certified financial situation.

Tasks to be accomplished by the Contractor
The contractor/contractors will attend in maximum 10 days after being selected a planning meeting with Project management and ILO Specialist aiming to decide steps forward for the campaign implementation.
The contractor/contractors will propose and provide services related to following activities:

a) Designing a communication strategy for national Economic and Social Council, which the following communication objectives:
1. Build awareness of the general public on the role of national and local tripartite social dialogue in the Macedonian society;
2. Sensitize policy and law makers (in particular Parliament) around the added value of opinions and recommendations of the national ESC;
3. Encourage networking among national and local Economic and Social Councils.

b) Preparatory activities related with the establishment of the communication strategy, including designing of key messages per target audience, developing adequate communication mix to get these messages  across and a one year communication plan;

-Organization of a seminar for promotion and adoption of the communication strategy;

The list of above mentioned outputs is not restrictive. It could be amended following consultation of project team and fitting the approved budget.

Application of External Collaborators/Consulting companies
Marketing Agencies interested to collaborate with the IPA/ILO project on promoting social dialogue in the above areas of expertise are kindly requested to submit their expression of interest by 10thJune, 2015 to the e-mail address simjanoska@ilo.org and kalovska@ilo.org.
–    Marketing Agencies should submit the following:
–    Agency portfolio
–    Bidder’s prior experience in the relevant field
–    List of references
The ILO retains the right to accept or reject any application. Selection of the marketing agency will be done according to ILO project procedures. Applicants will be contacted by the project office and they will receive the terms of reference with detailed requirements and descriptions of tasks. Marketing agency selected for a particular assignment will sign an external collaboration contract with the ILO for the specific task and for a specific duration; this by no means constitutes permanent employment by the ILO or any prospect thereof.