Improving the social dialogue in the retail sector in the OEM

Improving the social dialogue in the retail sector in the OEM

декември 28, 2021

Dеаr Employers of the Retail Sector of OEM and Members of the Syndicate of Retail Employers from the Republic of Macedonia,

When the financial crisis was pointed out in Europe, which has a big influence over the Macedonian Retail, the employers consider that it is necessary to help the export-oriented companies in order to successfully amortize the deaden from the crisis of the Global Market.

Under the terms of continuous growth , the inequality of the domestic and foreign investors , increased expenses ( increased Property Tax) , stress-oriented youth towards the High Education and the lack of qualified work force of the Labor Market , extremely enlarged burdening of the employers, regarding the last increasing of the sick leave duration (21-30 days) which was enforced, it is necessary a systemic operation with the adjustment of the Labor Code , The General Collective Agreement and the Branch Collective Agreements for determination of applicable Regulative and to create a pleasant working environment.

Therefore, within the Slovenian Project “Strengthening Social Dialogue in the Retail, Food-Processing and Agriculture Sector , The Organization of Employers Of the Republic of Macedonia, invites you to attend the workshop on the 18th of April 2012. The event will take place in The Chamber of Commerce, assembly room number 4, located on the 5th floor. We will try together to determine the situation of the social dialogue on bipartite level , and also we will try to improve it by using the European experience through the tools from our Slovenian partner of the AES.