Who are we

Who are we

Our vision:

Macedonia to have a developed and sustainable economy with a quality labor market and satisfied and motivated citizens.

Our mission:

Creating measures and policies through active participation of employers and advancing social dialogue with all stakeholders.

The main goals and tasks of the Organization are to represent the interests of employers in general and especially in social partnership, to ensure the development and realization of the rights and freedoms of employers, collective bargaining, conclusion, and implementation of the General Collective Agreement for the economy in R.M. and Collective Agreements at the activity level. Organization Principles:
  • Membership in OEM is voluntary;
  • All members of the organization have the right to participate in its work;
  • Membership in OEM implies payment of membership fees;
  • OEM advocates for a greater significance and role of social dialogue;
Code of Conduct

The Organization of Employers of Macedonia – OEM

The Organization of Employers of Macedonia – OEM represents over 15 sectors in the field of economy from the private sector in the Republic of North Macedonia. OEM’s involvement relates to topics of employer interest related to labor legislation, occupational safety and health, education, infrastructure, social responsibility, taxation, investment, criminal policy, and financing.

Since 2010, according to the Labor Relations Law, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, upon the proposal of the Commission for determining representativeness, issued Decisions on the representativeness of the Organization of Employers of Macedonia.

The two Decisions on representativeness relate to

  • OEM as a representative organization in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, thus gaining legitimacy to participate in tripartite bodies for social partnership and

  • representativeness at the level of the private sector for participation in collective bargaining.

OEM is a representative organization

of employers from the private sector, which as such has the legitimacy to negotiate and conclude a General Collective Agreement for the private sector of the economy.

OEM participates in tripartite bodies

for social partnership (employers, trade unions, and Government – Economic and Social Council)

With this, OEM has an influence as an equal partner in shaping the economic-social policy in North Macedonia, regarding the provisions and directives of the EU in the field of labor relations, protection and safety at work, as well as other laws relating to the business climate and policy.


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