Dialogue between employers and trade unions to secure jobs

Dialogue between employers and trade unions to secure jobs

декември 28, 2021

 (Taken from Netpress)

According to the president of the Organization of Employers of Macedonia, Angel Dimitrov, it is important to increase the role of the persons responsible for safety and health at work in the companies because they are directly familiar with all the risks of occurrence of accidents in the workplace.

    I do not believe that companies in Macedonia did not realize the legal obligations regarding the Law on Safety and Health at Work in the area of ​​drafting risk assessment, legal examinations of workers, training for health and safety at work, but sadly exercise of law request its application-level job, in factory halls, construction sites and in the fields where we have a huge number of accidents. It is important to see how to increase the role and importance of the experts in companies and workers’ representatives because they are daily in contact with all the risks of the occurrence of some accidents, said Dimitrov.

He believes that if this does not happen, then the Law on Safety and Health at Work can not give the results expected from it.

Bipartite dialogue on safety and health at work between unions and employers in Macedonia are not sufficiently developed and it is its intensifying because many of the issues relating to safety and job protection are resolved at the level of companies, was highlighted at today’s debate that organized by the Macedonian association for protection at work in cooperation with the Federation of Trade unions of Macedonia

President of the Macedonian Association of Occupational Safety Milan Petkovski thinks that is to build a culture of preventive action, namely to realize that a healthy worker is a benefit for any company.

    The problems that cause people to violate the workplace will not solve if we start from yourself and do not change the culture of preventive action. When it comes to employers, they should realize that their secure jobs in favor because when a worker will get hurt is to their detriment. Safe and healthy worker has the experience and skills and a relatively short time can make a better product, but when you bring someone new, which is to replace the one who was injured, he needs more time to engage in the work, said Petkovski .

And the president of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia Zivko Mitrevski important collaboration of the social partners to provide secure jobs for workers and reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.

    Nothing can be realized and achieved if all together do not focus on law enforcement. Only through joint action by all social partners can make the atmosphere dramatically fostering health and safety at work, said Mitrevski.

Law on Safety and Health at Work was adopted in 2007, and its amendments is enhanced role of the president of the union at least twice a year is required to control the jobs and be informed of all types of workplace injuries.