Competitive SALARY Brochure

Competitive SALARY Brochure

јуни 9, 2022

3.Salary Broshure

The information obtained by conducting a valid survey of salaries, compensations and benefits will help you to obtain relevant labor cost information for the profiles of employees in specific job positions, in order to optimize it and at the same time continuously upgrade and improve future development policies. of human capital in the organization.

1.    Competitive SALARY will give you answers to key questions that will help you build your organization’s strategies.

2.    The pparticipation in the survey will allow you to compare the salaries of your employees with the data of other participants for specific jobs and thus get direct information about the labor market and your competitiveness.

3.    The analytical approach will allow you to see all the specifics that relate to individual jobs, different industrial sectors, different groups of jobs, ie occupations and many other useful information.

4.    You will have a basis with more certainty to create reward systems for employees so that they are at the same time profitable for the organization and competitive in the labor market.

5.    Through statistical comparisons and the numerous of valid data, you will gain insight into how you are positioned in the marketplace in relation to competing or other companies and evaluate your own reward strategies.

6.    By improving reward strategies, you will identify areas in which the reward package can be improved in order to improve the processes of attracting and retaining competent workers.

7.    The methodological approach in data processing will give you relevant information about both the internal placement of employees’ salaries and the fairness of the remuneration for the job within your organization.