Brach industries

Brach industries

декември 28, 2021

The basic forms of function of the organization are the associations of the various branch industries.
The alliance of the different industries sectors is our strength and allows connection of the employers within their activity. Through it as employers you can act stronger in representing your views arising from the needs of the real economy:

  • Textile industry- Chairman Dimitar Popovski
  • Leather and shoe industry- Chairman Kostadin Barzov
  • Food and drink industry – President Zoran Danevski
  • Construction industry- Chairman Siljan Micevski
  • Chemical, plastics, artificial yarns industry- Chairman Zhivka Petrovska
  • Paper, publishing, printing industry- President Slobodan Mucunski
  • Tobacco industry- Chairman Lydia Grupceva
  • Public utility services- President Goran Mitevski
  • Hotel and catering industry and – president Donco Tanevski
  • Tourism services-Chairman Mile Spirovski
  • External associations: ZAPOVIM and PARTNER
  • Association of Employers of the company with disability employees – ZAPOVIM – Dear President Milosevski
  • Temporary employment agency – Chairman Rade Nenadikj

Associations of Brach industries and services in process of formation:


  • Metal, electrical industry and non
  • Energy, black and colored metallurgy
  • Processing of wood and wood products
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Financial intermediation and assurance corporation
  • Traffic, storage and communications