About Us

About Us

About Us
декември 28, 2021

Our vision is the Organization of Employers of Macedonia to be a fundamental pillar for alliance of the employers as a result of their natural needs of single action in achieving common goals and tasks in the field of the labour and social and economic sphere.

Our mission consists in representing and promoting the rights and the interests of the employers through coordination and cooperation with the social partners.

The basic goals and tasks of the organization is to represent the interests of the employers in general and especially in the social partnership and dialogue, to take care of the development and the realization of the rights and freedoms of the employers, collective bargaining, concluding and implementing the General Collective Agreement for the private sector of the country and the collective agreements at the branch level.

Principles of organization:
• The membership in OEM is voluntary;
• All members of the organization are eligible to participate in its work;
• the membership in OEM is raising paying dues;
• OEM stands for greater meaning and greater role of the social dialogue in the society